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11:06 Jason Snell: New button next to volume controls: AirPlay button. And there's a dialog and you can tell it where to stream it. He chooses Family Room Apple TV and the movie starts playing on the big screen.

11:06 Chris Breen: Dan says "I would buy an Apple TV just for the AirPlay feature." Me too. I can currently connect my iPad to my TV with a $49 cable, but this is far slicker.

11:07 Jason Snell: Content on iTunes in 6 countries: US, Canda, UK, France, Germany, Australia, and more coming later this year.

11:07 Jason Snell: Price of AppleTV was $229. Some feedback from our users was that they'd like to see it more affordable. $200-$300 was not what users wanted to experiment with. So we're going to lower the price from $299 to $99.

11:08 Jason Snell: Available in about 4 weeks. Pre-order today.

11:08 Chris Breen: OK, $99 is a very sweet spot—that's $50 more than a single cable that lets you connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV.

11:08 Jason Snell: "So here we are on Sept. 1. Let's review what we talked about today. Strongest line-up of iPods ever. Shuffle, nano with multitouch, and iPod touch."

11:09 Jason Snell: Facetime between iPhones and iPod touches, of course.

11:09 Jason Snell: And a new iTunes. iTunes 10 with Ping.

11:10 Jason Snell: Ping also on your iPhone and iPod touch.

11:10 Jason Snell: iOS 4.2, HDR photos, Game Center, and a whole lot more.

11:10 Jason Snell: And Apple TV, a phenomenal way to watch hollywood movies and TV shows in your living room whenever you want, as well as streaming content from Netflix and elsewhere

11:10 Jason Snell: "So those are the products we have to launch today, and we hope you are as excited about them as we are..."

11:10 Jason Snell: Guitar's back up on the screen.

11:11 Jason Snell: "We started doing this music stuff for a really simple reason: we love music. That hasn't changed one bit. Whenever we have a music event, we like to remind ourselves why we do this."

11:11 Jason Snell: "So we asked one of our favorite musical artists to perform. We did that, and they accepted. This group has 4 albums out so far: It's Coldplay."

11:12 Jason Snell: So Chris Martin from Coldplay is here.

11:12 Jason Snell: He has a piano, not an Apple-themed guitar, by the way.

11:13 Jason Snell: "This is probably the toughest closing gig we've ever had. I don't have any products to reveal. I'm very pleased to be here."

11:13 Jason Snell: "I wish the rest of the band were here, but they're too lazy."

11:13 Jason Snell: It's "Yellow."

11:16 Jason Snell: "Look how they shine for you..." - okay, I'm not going to write what he's singing like I do when Jobs is talking. :-)

11:17 Jason Snell: He's wearing a Flaming Lips t-shirt.

11:17 Jason Snell: Okay, "Viva La Vida."

11:17 Jason Snell: "Apple helped turn this song into our biggest hit. Which proves that your marketing people can sell anything."

11:18 [Comment From Joe ] stop having fun listening to that great music and start deconstructing Jobs' presentation for us! ;-)

11:18 Chris Breen: Dan's going through your questions—like whether the current Apple TV can be updated. There's always an after-event look-see for the press. Jason and Jon will do their best to get answers to these important questions.

11:18 Jason Snell: Joe, this is my reward for schlepping two blocks. Poor Frakes and Breen are doing the analysis :-)

11:19 Jason Snell: Yes, we'll try to answer some of the lingering questions in the next little bit as we get a chance to talk to Apple folks.

11:19 Chris Breen: BTW: The Apple Store is still down.

11:20 [Comment From Guest ] What kind of files/formats (except for QT) can the new appleTV open/show?

11:20 Jason Snell: My guess is, the same video formats that all Apple devices play.

11:20 Jason Snell: That means H.264, essentially.

11:21 Chris Breen: As a trained professional, may I just mention that Chris Martin has terrible piano technique. Curve those fingers, Chris!

11:22 Jason Snell: Steve commands he play one more.

11:22 Jason Snell: "This is Coldplay 2.6. It has a lot of new features. It has 7 new pairs of chord, including a new one that our closest rivals have no idea about, that Jonny Ive designed. It's the chord of i Minor."

11:23 Jason Snell: (Chris Martin—I did not make that up.)

11:24 [Comment From rtamesis ] Can I still buy movies and TV shows on iTunes for my iPad to stream to the new Apple TV, or am I now dependent on converting my DVD collection and getting digital copies from DVDs and BluRay discs that I buy?

11:24 Chris Breen: The Apple Store still shows the iPod classic -- so get 'em while you can. But, unlike the other iPods, there's not NEW badge next to it.

11:25 Jon Seff: rtamesis: my guess is that Apple will continue to sell TV shows and movies via iTunes and other devices.

11:25 Chris Breen: New Apple TV is 720p, not 1080p.

11:25 [Comment From Sam ] What happened to the Ipad2?

11:25 Jason Snell: @Sam: It was discontinued due to lack of existence.

11:26 [Comment From Sam ] I mean, why is there no mention of an Ipad 2? I was expecting it to be announced with facetime.

11:26 Jon Seff: What I love about these Apple music events is I get to see lots of artists I'd never go see in concert.

11:26 Jason Snell: @Sam: Probably not until spring. Apple tends to run in yearlong cycles.

11:26 Chris Breen: Audio and video specs for new Apple TV appear to be the same as for the original.

11:26 Jason Snell: There's a hands-on area for press next door, so we're gonna go get our hands on.

11:26 Jason Snell: Thanks for coming, everyone! We appreciate it.

1:30 Chris Breen: I see no mention of video for the iPod nano.

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