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Every time there’s an Apple event, there’s fallout. Big, nasty, mutate-ants-into-monstrous-rampaging-creatures fallout. With Apple’s media shindig on Wednesday, there’s no shortage of rejoinders and responses from media executives, smartphone rivals, and even…a golf company? Tee off on the remainders for Thursday, September 2, 2010.

Apple, TV networks clash over 99-cent rentals (The Globe and Mail)

One media executive complains that Apple’s TV rentals are actually a Trojan horse: “This is a plan that is designed to sell iPads, iPods and iPhones.” Oh my god. Apple’s trying to sell its products? Hey, media industry, I think I’ve figured out why your industry is slowly sinking—it’s run by idiots.

Amazon matches Apple with 99-cent download (Reuters)

And if you think Apple’s bad for renting TV shows for 99 cents, let’s not even talk about Amazon. Following close on the heels of Apple’s announcement, the online retailer announced that it has lowered the price of purchasing shows from ABC and Fox to the same 99 cent mark. Look, if the media executives want to be angry at anybody, shouldn’t it be Amazon? At least with Apple’s rentals you have to pay for repeated viewings! Hey. Waaaaaaait a minute.

Ping Golf announces trademark agreement with Apple (PRNewswire)

Apparently, Apple had to license the name of its new social network—Ping—from a company that makes golf equipment. Reads the press release, “This announcement involves two companies that were founded by visionaries who created products that greatly impacted their industries.” Only one of which you’ve ever heard of.

Google responds to Steve Jobs’ activation counting accusations (Fortune)

Jobs said on Wednesday that Apple is activating roughly 230,000 iOS devices every day—not including updates, which Jobs asserted “some of our friends” (*coughcoughgooglecoughcough*) were counting. Google told Fortune that its numbers don’t include updates either and, in fact “only a portion of the Android devices [are counted] since we only include devices that have Google services.” So take that, Mr. Jo—hey, are you listening? … Steve? Hello?

Woz and Jobs: phone phreaks (Jason Kottke)

A pair of video clips showing Woz and Jobs talking about their experiences as teenagers creating blue boxes—devices that could be used to hack the phone system. I guess that’s impressive—unless you’ve got a blue box that can hack the universe .

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