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It’s a long weekend for many of us and, as you probably know, the term “long weekend” was in fact named after actor Justin Long, who played the part of Mac in the long running Get a Mac ads that concluded earlier this year. That’s a true fact. And it’s not the only one I’ve got in store for today: looks like Android may have gotten its logo inspiration from a surprising source and Google and Apple may be going face-to-face in another market segment. Labor no more with the remainders for Friday, September 3, 2010.

Justin Long is most definitely not a Mac in Going the Distance (Movieline)

Noooooooooooo. You’ve won this round, John Hodgman.

Shocker! Google’s Android logo boosted from Atari Lynx title ‘Gauntlet: The Third Encounter’ (Engadget)

Apparently there’s an Android character in an old Atari game that looks suspiciously like Google’s Android logo. Quick, somebody call Nolan Bushnell—I think he’s in a ball pit somewhere.

Apple and Google to clash in music space by Christmas (Reuters)

Looks like Google may finally be starting its long-rumored music service (hey, I’ve been hearing whispers for well over four years). There’s just one little catch. Take it away, Reuters: “Google has yet to sign any licensing deals with major labels.” Look, just take a cue from YouTube and have people make the music themselves. Brilliant, right?

Steve Jobs: iTunes 10 icon does not ‘suck’ (Wired)

Designer Joshua Kopac e-mailed Steve Jobs with his opinion that iTunes 10’s icon “really sucks.” Josh—may we call you Josh?—we’re glad you feel comfortable expressing your views so frankly to a billionaire CEO who could easily have all record of your existence wiped from the fabric of history, but really, at what point did this seem like a good idea? The reputed reply from Jobs? A characteristically terse two-word “We disagree.” But if you listen very closely, you can hear the fury seeping from every character.

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