Apple releases iPhone Configuration Utility 3.1 for Mac, PC

To coincide with the release of iOS 4.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch on Wednesday, Apple also released iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU) 3.1, an update to its device management utility for businesses and the enterprise.

iPCU 3.1 adds support for iOS 4’s new Mobile Device Management features and enables wireless delivery of configuration profiles, two cornerstones of this major OS upgrade that Apple touted for businesses. The latest version also provides support for Cisco AnyConnect and Juniper Networks SSL VPN clients, CardDAV, multiple Exchange accounts, and SAN support using Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP).

The iPCU update is available now for Mac OS X, and while Apple’s support downloads list that iPCU 3.1 is out for Windows as well, its Windows document has yet to update for the new version.

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