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Think the iPad’s too cool for school? Think again. At least it isn’t being viciously beat up and dissected by those iFixit bullies like its iPod cousins. And while it may take $1 billion every year to keep the iTunes Store’s doors open, YouTube still hasn’t managed to post a profit. Fortunately, the remainders for Thursday, September 9, 2010 are free of charge.

California testing iPads as algebra textbooks (

Did you have trouble learning algebra when you were in school? Probably because you didn’t have a fancy-schmancy tablet computer. One California school district is replacing 400 eighth-graders’ math textbooks with iPads. The district will study whether the students, who will be randomly selected, learn better or simply spend all their time playing Angry Birds.

iPod teardowns (iFixit)

As is their wont, the folks at iFixit wasted no time in rendering Apple’s latest iPod touch, iPod shuffle, and iPod nano into their respective component pieces. The biggest surprise? The new iPod nano contains nothing more than a prism and a lock of Jonathan Ive’s erstwhile hair.

It takes nearly $1 billion/yr to run iTunes (Asymco)

What does it take to run the iTunes Store—music, video, books, apps, and everything—each year? One beeeeellllion dollars, according to numbers compiled by Horace Dediu. That’s okay, though, because his caclulations also show that Apple’s generated revenue of $15.7 billion from the store to date. Which Steve Jobs has requested be paid in the form of a giant novelty check.

YouTube still isn’t profitable. But it will be, says Google. Again. (All Things D)

While the App Store appears to be doing gangbusters—and really, that’s a word that doesn’t get enough usage these days—YouTube is still not turning a profit. Man, all those exorbitant royalties for the keyboard cat are really taking their toll.

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