Restore the old iTunes interface

iTunes 10 saves some screen space by making the title bar smaller and arranging the close, minimize, and maximize buttons vertically instead of horizontally. Some iTunes users appreciate this arrangement, but others seem to hate it. If you're among the latter, an anonymous MacOSXHints reader knows how to put those buttons back in their old horizontal layout:

Close iTunes if it's running, then open Terminal and enter the following command:

defaults write full-window -1

When you restart iTunes, the buttons will be horizontal. The traditional title bar (with the name of the app up top) will also return. (That can be handy if you tend to move the iTunes window around a lot, because it gives you a few more pixels to grab.)

If you decide you prefer the new layout with the vertical buttons, you can restore it with the command:

defaults write full-window -0
At a Glance
  • Pros

    • New social network for discovering music
    • HD TV show rentals
    • A few more customizable, useful interface options
    • Smarter album art list view
    • Noticeable performance improvements


    • Ping feels unfinished
    • Other headline features won't mature for some time
    • Senseless interface changes harm usability
    • Ringtone features removed
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