Remains of the Day: Steve Jobs, American ninja

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Is Steve Jobs a ninja? Nobody knows for sure, but Apple says it ain’t so. Either way, Consumer Reports isn’t running scared. And Bing hits a new milestone…in statistics. The remainders for Tuesday, September 14, 2010 are sneaking up on you—silent and deadly.

QOTD: The ninja throwing stars? They’re for my friend Larry Ellison… (All Things D)

According to a story at Bloomberg—yes, that Bloomberg—Steve Jobs was stopped in a Japanese airport for trying to take shuriken (throwing stars, to the Americanized practitioners of ninjitsu) on his plane. Amazingly, Apple actually took the time to issue a denial, calling the account “pure fiction.” Then they made Steve Jobs change his Safari homepage.

Apple curtails its free case program for the iPhone 4 (Consumer Reports)

Prompted by the end of Apple’s free iPhone 4 case program, Consumer Reports took the opportunity to reiterate the fact that it is still not recommending the iPhone 4. Hey guys, you know how Steve Jobs fixes reception problems? Throwing stars.

Best Buy CEO calls iPad a “magnificent shining light” (The Mac Observer)

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn is apparently bullish on the iPad, saying that the retailer would be selling the Apple tablet at all of its locations for the holiday season. He also referred to the device as a “magnificent shining light,” which, he added, is great for finding his keys after he accidentally locks himself in a store.

Bing overtakes Yahoo as No. 2 in search survey (New York Times)

Given that Yahoo is currently incorporating Bing’s search technology into its own site—a project that wraps up in 2012—this isn’t necessarily a huge deal. But it kind of reminds me of Joe Lieberman being in a three-way tie for third place.

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