Replace iTunes 10's gray color-scheme

In iTunes 10, the icons in the sidebar have gone from colorful to drab light-gray; to some eyes, that change makes the icons harder to distinguish. If you're one of them, you might be interested in a tip from an anonymous Mac OS X Hints reader that implements an alternative color scheme:

If you are struggling with the new low-contrast icons in iTunes 10, here is a hint to change their appearance. After quitting iTunes, open Terminal and enter:

defaults write high-contrast-mode-enable -bool TRUE

When you restart iTunes, you'll have a high-contrast sidebar and list pane. To undo it, repeat the command but change the TRUE to FALSE.

By "high-contrast," this tipster means, "stark black and white." Many users who have tried this tip say they like the results less than the new all-gray and so undo it. It doesn't look great in the new default Album List view (View -> As Album List or Option-Command-4); it looks better (relatively speaking) in plain List View (View -> As List or Option-Command-3).

itunes 10 in black-and-white

At a Glance
  • Pros

    • New social network for discovering music
    • HD TV show rentals
    • A few more customizable, useful interface options
    • Smarter album art list view
    • Noticeable performance improvements


    • Ping feels unfinished
    • Other headline features won't mature for some time
    • Senseless interface changes harm usability
    • Ringtone features removed
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