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It’s a law of conservation: when the universe closes one lawsuit, it opens another. Plus, the fuzz talks to Steve Jobs about his missing iPhone 4, and AT&T’s CEO does some misplaced bragging. Let’s run down the remainders for Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

Lily Allen “to sue Apple” (The Next Web)

A report first published in British tabloid The Sun claims that pop star Lily Allen has filed papers to sue Apple because her laptop was hacked. Before you get your knickers in a twist, do keep in mind that Apple’s not about to help any musical artist who hasn’t signed up for Ping yet.

HP and Oracle kiss, make up, agree that Mark’s better off with Larry (Engadget)

Finally, something goes right for former HP CEO Mark Hurd. HP has agreed to drop the suit it filed earlier this month, in exchange for Hurd forfeiting the stock options he received for his severance. Now it’s up to HP to make him feel bad by coming out with something really amazing.

Annnny minute now.

Police interview Steve Jobs about prototype iPhone (CNet)

No, the saga of the purloined iPhone 4 prototype isn’t over yet. As the San Mateo County district attorney prepares to potentially bring charges in the case, investigators have questioned a number of Apple employees, including Steve Jobs. Does anybody else picture Steve at the other end of a long conference table from the cops, answering all their questions via e-mail from his iPad? No? Just me?

AT&T says half a million iPads use its network (Reuters)

Of the millions of iPad users out there, apparently about 500,000 are using their devices on AT&T’s 3G network, according to CEO Randall Stephenson. Sadly, he neglected to mention that 100 percent of those 500,000 users have pretty much no choice in the matter.

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