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Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. While I thank my colleague Jason Snell for filling in during my bout with the forces of darkness on Wednesday, I’m once again back to take the reins—hey, where’s everybody going? If you leave now you won’t hear what Verizon’s CEO had to say about the iPhone, why NBC won’t let iTunes rent its shows, or another example of the iPad’s content creation prowess. Come one, you know you want to read the remainders for Thursday, September 23, 2010.

Apple’s iPhone going to Sprint? (ZDNet)

Disregard the headline, because this is really all about Verizon. The network’s CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, said at a conference on Thursday morning that his company didn’t have “an iPhone deficit” and hopes Apple will “get with the program” and build an LTE-compatible (i.e. 4G) phone in the near future. A 4G phone? Man, I bet Apple hadn’t even thought of that yet. It’s for brilliant insights like this one that we’ll miss you, Ivan.

The Fashion Imperative (Penny Arcade)

Noted Web comic artist Mike Krahulik (aka Penny Arcade’s Gabe) was home sick, so he drew his latest strip entirely on his iPad—using nothing but his index finger. Somehow, though, I’m guessing that those critics who say the iPad is only for content consumption, not creation won’t shut up until I sharpen the edge of my iPad and then use it to carve a Mission-style rocking chair out of pure oak.

A Bite of the Apple (Meet the Boss)

Do you frequent the App Store? Do you like numbers turned into pretty pictures? Of course you do. In that case, this chart is right up your alley. Among the interesting statistics? The biggest individual category of “active” apps in the store is not games, but books. Hey! Looks like Apple did save reading, after all.

NBC won’t let Apple TV ‘devalue’ its content (CNet)

That’s right, because if anybody’s going to devalue NBC’s content, it’s NBC—errr, wait a second...

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