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Once again, Microsoft insists that the PC vs. Mac war is still going. Meanwhile, NBC picks up a couple of allies in its crusade to avoid Apple’s TV rental plan, and Apple briefly hits a milestone. If the remainders for Friday, September 24, 2010 be the food of life, friends, then read on.

Microsoft takes PC vs. Mac trolling to Facebook (Ars Technica)

Clearly not satisfied with its last attempt to pit Mac vs. PC, Microsoft is trying to go the hip route and appeal to the kids in their own language—namely, Facebook. Users of the social network are shown pictures of folks and asked to decide which one’s the PC and which one’s the Mac. The goal? For Microsoft to try and buck the stereotype that cool people use Macs. Well, if my high school experience was any indication, beating people over the head with how cool you are almost always works.

Netflix and NBC Universal announce agreement to stream prior season cable and broadcast TV series new to Netflix members (Netflix)

Sure, NBC doesn’t want to “devalue” its content by letting people rent it from Apple, but it’s got no problem streaming shows via Netflix. Because NBC’s favorite kind of deal is the ones where it gets paid whether or not people watch its shows. Which explains the network’s soon-to-debut new reality show, Give Us Your Money So We Can Show You Celebrities Doing Stupid Things.

Viacom also opposed to Apple’s 99 cent TV rentals, CBS will ‘see what happens’ (AppleInsider)

Hot on the heels of NBC’s pronouncement, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman says the 99 cent price point for TV rentals “doesn’t work for us.” Say, what ever happened to the last guy to say that?

Apple briefly became second most valuable company (BusinessWeek)

Apple’s soaring stock prices temporarily made it the second most valuable company—say it with me—in the world. But by the end of Thursday it had slid back to third place, behind PetroChina and number one Exxon Mobil. You know, the company Apple’s keeping these days makes me nervous. What if Apple comes out with its own patented oil rig? What if the next iPhone gets 7 miles to the gallon? What if—horrors—Steve Jobs shows up at the next Apple event in a suit? I don’t think I can handle it.

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