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By removing ads and other distractions, Safari 5's Reader tool is a great way to make articles more printer- and reader-friendly. The problem is, it doesn't work on every page—just those that it recognizes as articles. If it doesn't think a page is an article, Safari won't show the Reader option in the address box. But Mac OS X Hints reader solitario found a way to clean up pages that Reader won't:

For this hint to work, you first need to go to the Advanced settings tab in Safari's Preferences and select Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar.

That done, navigate to the page you want to clean up. Control-click on an element you want to remove and select Inspect Element. The Inspector window will open. The element you clicked on will be highlighted in the browser window and the corresponding HTML will be highlighted below that in the Inspector pane. If you hover over other HTML code in that lower pane, those page elements will be highlighted up above. (Elements may be nested in the Inspector window, and you may have to drill down by clicking on the disclosure triangle to get to the item you want.)

Once you have found the page element that you want to remove, you can either Control-click on its HTML in the Inspector pane and select Delete Node or, more simply, select it and press Delete.

This process is actually easier than it sounds; you can quickly arrow-key through the HTML while keeping an eye on the upper browser window. When an element you want to get rid of is highlighted up there, press Delete and the corresponding HTML will be gone. It's a relatively quick way to get rid of extra junk on pages that don't work with Reader or don't have a printer-friendly version.

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