Alarms helps you quickly manage the day's tasks

There are plenty of applications meant to help us remember and accomplish our tasks throughout the day, but the Mac-friendly Alarms by Stefan Fürst, is one of simpler and more unobtrusive new offerings on the market.

Alarms lives in your Menu bar and displays a timeline of the day across the top of your display when you click on its icon. You schedule tasks to the timeline by dragging files, links, or text to the appropriate time on the line—you can also double click on the timeline to manually enter to-dos. As the day progresses, timeline slowly marches your tasks toward the “now” area on the left side of your display.

When an item reaches the “now” area, Alarms gently alerts you with a sound and a pulsating animation in your Menu bar. From here, you can attend to the task and check it off as completed, drag it back into the timeline to reschedule it, or right click on the Alarms icon to access a “snooze” button, which puts off the task for a predetermined amount of time.

While alarms is light on capabilites compared to full-featured productivity apps like OmniFocus, the charm of this $15 app lies in its simplicity and ability to let you productively procrastinate.

Alarms runs on OS X 10.6 and is available as a 14 day free trial.

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