Enjoy tabbed browsing in Finder with Total Finder Utility

Tabbed browsing is an extremely useful feature for most Web browsers, so why can’t you enjoy this clutter-reducing convenience when you browse your local folders with the Finder? Well guess what: you can. TotalFinder by BinaryAge is a $15 utility that lets you browse your Mac’s hard drive with tabs, just like you browse the Web.

The tabs looks similar to Google Chrome’s, and provide similar functionality as well; you can move tabs around within a window, drag tabs into their own separate windows, combine multiple windows into one tabbed window, and more.

TotalFinder also has a feature called Dual Mode, which instantly displays two separate Finder windows side-by-side, letting you easily move files from one panel to the other.

The utility, which runs on OS X 10.6, comes with a number of tweak-able preferences, like the ability to add a hot key that rearranges a window’s content so that folders are listed before other files.  It also includes a few advanced features, like Visor and Asepsis, that could prove convenient for power-users and Terminal junkies.

Note: We took a Mac Gems look at an early version of TotalFinder.

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