Remains of the Day: The kids are all right

The Verizon iPhone story is gaining steam, Apple goes into the house-acquiring business, and Steve Jobs is still the entrepreneur that teens are most likely to have a poster of on their wall. But strangely enough, kids today still have no appreciation for the remainders for Wednesday, October 6, 2010.

Apple making Verizon-ready iPhone by year end (Wall Street Journal)

Another day, another story saying Apple’s readying a CDMA-compatible iPhone. Yaw—whoa, the Wall Street Journal? Of course the Journal’s sources are described as “people briefed by Apple,” who are retaining their anonymity to avoid being described as “people marked for death by Apple.”

Apple data center means $1.7 million for house (

While building a massive data center in North Carolina, Apple needed some land on which a couple owned a home. After rejecting a number of offers from the company, they were asked to name a price and they did: $1.7 million. This for a house with “a Jacuzzi in the master bathroom, as well as a man-made pond stocked with bass and catfish.” Maybe they should just airlift the home to Steve Jobs’s currently vacant property.

In battle of the tech titans, Steve Jobs most admired entrepreneur for teens, leaving Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in the dust (PRNewswire)

Sorry, Zuck. Your movie might be doing well among critics, but the biggest critics of them all—teenagers—have declared Steve Jobs their favorite entrepreneur, according to one survey. But you’d better watch your back, Steve, because second placer J.K. Rowling is out to show that the only thing that can beat the maker of the magical iPad is actual magic.

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