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Everywhere a gate gate! The Internet loves controversy, whether it’s about potentially shattering iPhone news, Steve Jobs’s wardrobe choices, or the existence of a mystical, magical iPad mini. But the remainders for Thursday, October 7, 2010 are guaranteed to soothe even the most divisive of conflicts.

With Antennagate over, is Glassgate next for the iPhone 4? (gdgt)

If you’ve been feeling in need of a -gate fix in the wake of the iPhone 4 antenna furor, Ryan Block has a cure for what ails you. Block alleges that the iPhone 4’s glass back has a potential flaw: particles rubbed against it—particularly by cases being slid on and off—can supposedly weaken the glass, perhaps even causing it to crack or shatter. Block says this explains why Apple is not pimping slide-on style cases in its stores anymore. Me, I’m more of a “glass half-uncracked” kind of guy.

Steve Jobs looks weird when he dresses up (Gizmodo)

Everybody’s focusing on this photo for Steve Jobs’s sartorial choices (which, to me, just looks like he’s wearing a black windbreaker over his trademark mock turtleneck), but they’re missing the bigger picture: look who he’s with—former Cingular CEO Stan Sigman, who famously read his speech off cue cards when Jobs introduced the iPhone. Just goes to show you that sometimes the worse punishment isn’t being marked for death by the Apple CEO, but being allowed to live.

Microsoft sends out Lego Windows Phone 7 mockup to executives (Engadget)

Celebrating the imminent relase of its new Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform, Microsoft has been sending mockups of the device, created using Lego building blocks, to corporate executives. The sad part is that these Lego phones are probably better designed than the real thing.

What did Microsoft and Adobe chiefs talk about? (New York Times)

First, let me say that this headline was way more interesting when I thought it was about Microsoft and Adobe chefs. (What would they talk about? Ballmer’s diet of raw fish and souls?) But, still, who doesn’t love a good villain team-up? Then again, Adobe and Microsoft partnering to take on Apple in the mobile space would be kind of like Calendar Man and Crazy Quilt thinking they could take down Batman.

About this 7-inch Apple iPad (The Loop)

My erstwhile colleague and Apple watcher non pareil Jim Dalrymple says enough with the 7-inch iPad rumors: according to Jim, Apple already made one and has so far decided for its own reasons not to ship it. Geez: 7-inch iPads, Verizon iPhones, white iPhone 4s—1 Infinite Loop is starting to look like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark .

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