Band performs live show on NYC Subway using iPhones

The members of the New York band Atomic Tom found themselves in a dire position when their instruments were stolen earlier this month. Rather than give up the good fight, the scrappy musicians turned to their iPhones to make ends meet, rocking an impromptu performance of their song “Take Me Out” to a captive audience on an NYC Metro train.

In the video, you can see each member displaying his musical prowess using separate apps for piano, drums, guitar, bass, and even a microphone app for vocals. It’s unclear what the iPhones are plugged into, but they are clearly being mixed and amplified by an off-screen sound source—probably a battery-powered guitar amp.

While I can’t help but wonder if the story about stolen instruments is true or just a viral marketing ploy, it’s hard not to be impressed by the amount of iPhone-powered talent and passion on display in such an unassuming venue.

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