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New to the Mac? Welcome to the Mac world. Things probably look a little strange around here. There’s no Start menu down at the bottom of the screen. Menus stay up at the top no matter which application you’re using. And those green, yellow, and red buttons in window corners don’t do exactly the same things they did on your old PC.

The differences are more than visual. Moving from Windows to OS X means rewiring your muscle memory and learning to do old things in new ways. The basic stuff you do dozens of times a day—opening and closing programs and files, managing windows—are all done differently on a Mac.

To help you learn the ways of the Mac, we’ve created an e-mail newsletter just for you. Our New to Mac newsletter teaches the basics of using a Mac. It has expert answers to common questions, and tips on troubleshooting should you run into any problems. Think of us as a friendly new neighbor: eager to welcome you and happy to do whatever we can to help you settle in.

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