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Sometimes it seems like the day after an Apple event is like cleaning up from a nasty storm. Or that movie The Hangover. One of those. But as we come around to the bleary light of day we find that Adobe’s making a play for HTML5, Hulu’s still trying to make inroads with paying customers, and Steve Jobs is making friends in high places. Join me on a little thrill ride I like to call the remainders for Thursday, October 21, 2010.

Adobe announces the HTML5 Video Player widget (Adobe)

If you’re looking for a way to embed HTML5-compatible video into your Website, Adobe’s here to help. No. Seriously. They’ve just rolled out a widget that plays back HTML5-compatible video and—surprise!—uses Flash when HTML5 isn’t supported. Say it with me now.

Hulu Plus, take two: how’s $4.95 a month? (All Things D)

Selling streaming video: it’s not so easy, is it? According to a report on All Things D, Hulu may be considering dropping the price for its Plus service, which allows streaming TV shows to the iPad and iPhone, to $5 a month from $10. Now just throw in Alec Baldwin making door-to-door pitches and you can have all my money.* (*May not contain actual money.)

President Obama meeting with Steve Jobs this afternoon (Business Insider)

Obama. Jobs. The showdown you’ve been waiting for: two iconic executives enter, only one leav—well, okay, they probably both leave. Still, does this seem like a great opportunity for an iMovie ’11 trailer or what?

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