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In a world where users have discovered that iMovie ’11’s trailers feature has a blind spot, where Apple gets called out for its use of stock photography, where the president and an iPad collide, who can you trust? This summer, only one man can stop the remainders for Friday, October 22, 2010.

iMovie ’11 Trailers feature won’t let you spoof Universal trailers (TUAW)

Despite including studio logos eerily reminiscent of those belonging to Universal and Paramount, Apple won’t let you use either of those studio names in your own trailer; it replaces them instead with a trio of hyphens. Phew. Close call. Fortunately, nobody will find a way around this block. Ever.

Apple gets bitten for using Lion stock photo (ZDNet)

Apparently the Lion photo Apple used to pimp its new version of Mac OS X is the same one used by a Belgian nationalistic political party, Vlaams Belang, in one of its ads. But seriously, ZDNet, "Apple gets bitten"? It's a stock photo. What, did you expect Steve Jobs to go out and personally take a picture of a lion?

Apple passes RIM in global smartphone share (The Apple Blog)

The latest figures from Strategy Analytics claim that Apple shipped more iPhones than RIM did BlackBerries during the third quarter of 2010 (though both fell far short of first place Nokia). We eagerly await Jim Balsillie’s imminent rebuttal to explain that this is just another example of Apple distorting reality.

Not even Obama can sign his name on an iPad legibly (Gizmodo)

Sylvester Cann IV asked the leader of the free world to sign his iPad at a University of Washington rally, and President Obama acquiesced with a somewhat illegible scrawl. At least he didn’t ask him to sign a Newton. Anyway, I guess now we know what he was asking Steve Jobs about.

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