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Some things are better left buried—but that’s never stopped us before! The secret of the white iPhone 4’s delay may be out, but there are plenty of known unknowns about a supposed Apple event next week, and nobody can even find Apple’s data center on a map. Allow me to spill the beans in the remainders for Wednesday, October 27, 2010.

The real reason white iPhone 4 is delayed (Hint: the camera) (Cult of Mac)

The white iPhone 4 has been delayed yet again, but nobody seems sure exactly why. According to Cult of Mac, though, it’s because the white case allows light to leak back in when taking pictures, ruining prospective shots. Funny, I’ve got a slightly different problem with my black iPhone 4’s camera: there’s always part of a thumb in the picture. Hope Apple fixes that in the next version.

Apple hosting secret iOS developer summit next week (Business Insider)

So claims Business Insider, which speculates that it may be to prep for the forthcoming release of iOS 4.2 and help developers produce better apps. What Business Insider doesn’t know: “Who’s attending, how big this event is, what sort of sessions will be held, and whether Apple will host any sort of media event.” Are we just listing things we don't know, now? Because I'm great at that game—just off the top of my head: the mass of the moon, William Howard Taft's birthday, the point of Ulysses, how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop...

Apple’s invisible server farm (Fortune)

What, you expect a company that holds secret developer summits to have a visible server farm?

Jobs turned down Bungie… at first: how Microsoft burned Apple (Ars Technica)

Turns out Jobs’s anger over Halo developer Bungie’s acquisition by Microsoft follows the pattern of the age-old story. According to one former Bungie employee, Apple was offered the chance to buy the company but Steve turned them down…until it turned out Microsoft was the other player. That’s right: even Steve Jobs wants what he can’t have. Which explains his unnatural craving for human brains.

Back to the Mac in 104 seconds: Amazing..Phenomenal…Great….Awesome….! (YouTube)

We realize watching the entire Steve Jobs Back to the Mac presentation from last week would be time-consuming, so one YouTube user boiled it down to 104 superlative seconds. Keep your eyes peeled for the puppy.

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