Remains of the Day: Help me help myself

We all think can we can improve our lot in life. Whether it’s a former Apple honcho speculating on future directions, a search engine that thinks it can topple the king of the hill, or even an influential engineer jumping ship from one high-tech company to another. For my part, I’m pretty sure I can top the remainders for Monday, November 1, 2010, but you’ll have to keep tuning in.

Apple’s Next Macintosh OS (Monday Note)

Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée opines that all modern operating systems are terminally ill. The cure for the Mac OS? An injection of iOS. And, naturally, more cowbell.

A new search engine, where less is more (New York Times)

It may sound like a missing Marx brother, but Blekko is a new search engine whose goal is to provide more useful results by having human editors skim out spam and material generated by huge content farms. Soooo, is there anything else left on the Web at that point?

Why I quit Google to join Facebook: Lars Rasmussen (Sydney Morning Herald)

One of the lead developers of Google Wave has left to join Facebook, thanks in part to a “compelling personal pitch” from co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. This can only mean one thing: the rise of the unholy offspring of Google Wave and FarmVille, as foretold in the prophecies!

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