The 7th Guest coming to iPhone in December

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The classic puzzle-adventure game, The 7th Guest, will make its way to the iPhone in early December. Developer Trilobyte Games announced Tuesday that it is dusting off the popular game and reworking it for iOS devices.

After The 7th Guest releases for iPhone, the company plans to launch a re-engineered iPhone version of the sequel, The 11th Hour. Other games in development for iPhone include such classics as Psych, Let’s Do Diddley, POV, and a new version of TLC.

Originally released in 1993, The 7th Guest is a full-motion video adventure game for PC. The game received praise for its use of live action video clips, an interesting horror setting inside a vast mansion, complex puzzles, and a narrative that mocked the player at every turn.

The 7th Guest arrives on the iPhone sometime in December and will cost $4. More information on the game is available at

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