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Dan Moren's away, and Jason Snell outranks me, so I’m tackling the remainders for Friday, November 5, 2010.

The iMac Coffee Edition (Kiwidee)

Old, forgotten iMacs never die. They just become caffeine dispensers. The crazy people at Kiwidee have come up with a way to turn your old candy iMac into a coffee dispenser. If you thought your Mac ran hot before, just wait till it’s making scalding tasty beverages.

Apple reminds disinterested iTunes users that Ping exists (Boy Genius Report)

If you think your old iMac is forgotten, just think of poor Ping. Ping, you likely don’t recall, is Apple’s iTunes-based social network that proves just calling your network “social” doesn’t make it so. Boy Genius Reports, erm, reports… that Apple sent e-mails to iTunes users who haven’t started Pinging, urging them to instead get their Ping thing on. Whether Apple’s pinging non-Pingers will get Ping’s bell dinging remains to be seen. (Perhaps, for Ping to truly sing, Apple will need to ring non-Pingers up and urge them to Ping.)

Bank of America, Citigroup Said to Test Apple iPhone (Bloomberg)

Two of the nation’s biggest banks are considering letting their employees trade in Blackberries for iPhones. Worth noting: the iPhones generate considerably more interest than either bank’s consumer savings accounts.

How Apple Almost Got Microsoft’s Kinect Game Controller (Cult of Mac)

Cult of Mac reports that Apple could have gotten its stylish mitts on the technology that now powers Microsoft’s new Kinect controller for the Xbox. The technology lets players control games by moving their entire bodies under the watchful eye of a pair of cameras and an infrared sensor. I’m not sure if the timelines sync up, but my current theory is that Apple turned down the technology, and instead found inspiration in the wild gesticulations the system requires.

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