iPhone 4 photo contest winners

We sorted through 600+ entries and voted on our favorite images. Here are the winners of Macworld's first iPhone 4 photography contest.

Nice shots

When we put out a call for your best iPhone 4 photos, we didn't foresee the flood of amazing photographs that was going to come in. There were stunning shots of everything, from portraits and landscapes, to abstract shots and sunsets (lots of sunsets). The Macworld staff voted and narrowed down the hundreds of entries to nine winners: One first place, three second place, and five third place. We've also included some very cool honorable mentions. Great job everyone!

First Place: Adam Ames

This iPhone 4 image is part of a series Ames calls Commute. "I have been working on the series for years, but it really took off with the original iPhone."

Second Place: Russell Solberg

The iPhone 4's camera does a great job capturing macro shots, as demonstrated in this image. "I took this photo of a little frog on top of my car’s sunroof. Basic settings with the focus set on the frog were all that were used."

Second Place: Sairam Venugopal

"I stopped my car for fueling and happened by this huge flock of birds. This was a direct shot of the colorful sky filled with birds. No flash or HDR was used."

Second Place: James Tapp

To capture this action shot of a figure doing a backflip against the sun, the photographer tapped to focus on the foreground. The image shows one of the cooler iPhone 4 camera effects--the patterned lens flare created when the camera is pointed directly at a bright light.

Third Place: Adam Miller

"I took this photo of my son in the bathtub with my iPhone 4 in HDR mode. I love it because of the way his feet and the tub frame his face, and because of the look on his face. It's a bit noisy but I think that adds an old family photo feel to it."

Third Place: Brett Barnes

"I took this photo on Rt 395 in California, about 6 miles north of Rt 167. The whole drive was amazing and I caught this spot at just the right time."

Third Place: Axel Grothey

This image shows the inside staircase of the Axeltorv conference center (a former bank) in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Third Place: Louie Samman

Samman took this image of droplets on a leaf after a rain shower. TiltShift generator was used to create a more pronounced shallow depth-of-field effect.

Third Place: Casey West

"I took this picture on top of the airport parking garage in Oklahoma City while walking out to my car. I used no flash and no HDR."

Most creative accessory: Dan Caticha

There were so many great images submitted that it would be a shame to only share the winners. Here are our honorable mentions.

First up is an amazing shot by Dan Caticha: "This is an image of a sensory neuron of a fly, showing the myelin sheath and the axons. Unwilling to invest in a camera lens for my microscope, I decided to build a small assembly so that I could use my iPhone 4's camera to capture microscope images. Surprisingly, it produces great results!"

Coolest rainbow: Tj Booyzen

"This is a very rare event that occurred over parts of South Africa (Gauteng). It's called an Ice Rainbow! It was shot with an iPhone 4 with HDR turned on."

Best concert shot: Chris Sloan

"This was taken at a Maroon 5 concert at Santa Barbara Bowl. During a break in the show, a glitter ball was lowered and five spotlights shone on it. This image shows the glitter effect in all its wonder."

Best dog: Cory Tapia

"I took this while visiting family in Roanoke, VA. My mother just adopted 2 lab puppies and it was a perfect day for taking pictures. I caught them during nap time."

Best cat (tie): Michael Steinbeck and Bruce Ricketts

Michael Steinbeck (left): "I took this photo in HDR mode. I was watching TV when I looked over and saw Tucker stretching and yawning."

Bruce Ricketts (right): "For this image, I didn't use the flash and HDR was turned on. Tabby was sitting on top of a china cabinet when I took this picture."

Best reflections: Anthony Durazzo

"I took this from my parked car while I was getting tacos. I stuck my hand out by the windshield to help lock focus on the water droplets instead of the palm trees."

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