The Mac of the Future

The Mac of the future

The Mac of the Future

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Pretty much every time Apple holds a press event, someone asks about what the company plans to release in the future. And every time, the Apple rep repeats the mantra: “As you know, we can’t discuss future products.”

“Can’t,” “won’t”: It doesn’t make much difference. The company will never say what’s coming down the pike. (The big exception to that rule: the operating system. In that case, the company will strategically leak a few details at a time, to get the public primed.) While other tech companies publish road maps, showing us where their products are headed, Apple throws up a very high, very impenetrable wall of No.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some educated guesses about what’s on the other side of that wall. You can look at trends in the computer industry at large, the plans of Apple suppliers, and Apple’s past tendencies, and extrapolate from there. That’s precisely what we asked a few of our writers to do: Look at the Mac’s operating system, its CPU, its various connections, its graphics, and its storage subsystems, and tell us what might happen in the next two years.

Illustrations by Tavis Coburn.

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