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One Mozilla employee has harsh words for Apple, the iPad is making friends in all walks of life, and Apple’s got a new/old selling point for the holiday season. The remainders for Wednesday, December 1, 2010 are here to get you through the middle of the week.

Why do they think this is OK? (Mozillazine)

Mozilla’s Director of Community Development Asa Dotzler has a message for Microsoft, Google, and Apple: stop silently installing plugins in Firefox. “Sneaking software onto my system that I didn’t ask for is evil,” wrote Dotzler, comparing it to the way a Trojan horse operates. Funny, if there were one plugin I’d have said could destroy an ancient civilization, it would definitely have been Flash.

JPMorgan gives bankers iPads in ‘clear and present danger’ to RIM (Bloomberg)

Associates in global investment banking at JPMorgan Chase are all getting free iPads from the company. It just warms the heart to see that someone is thinking of those poor, impoverished investment bankers this holiday season.

Marine recruiters experimenting with iPads (MilitaryTime)

From the world of high finance to the military, where Apple’s tablet is also making inroads. The U.S. Marine Corps is apparently using the iPad to record the information of potential recruits. Of key importance among those recruits? A calm, collected demeanor while playing Angry Birds.

Amazing (Apple)

Did you know that the iOS 4.2 update makes the iPad amazing? Apple would like to tell you so in a handy little ad that shows off features like multitasking, AirPlay, and AirPrint. I believe that’s the first time printing has been used to sell an Apple product since, ironically, the fall of Troy.

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