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There’s no need to be embarrassed about a venerable product reaching the end of its natural life. Then again, if your brand new product is maybe a little too strong for its own good, that might make you think twice. Plus, a pro tip: when it’s the kind of problem that happens to everybody, don’t deny that it ever happens to you. Fortunately, the remainders for Friday, December 3, 2010 have absolutely no shame.

Apple discontinues compact wired keyboard, Hulu Plus claims strong start (Apple Insider)

Goodbye, little wired Apple Keyboard. You may never have managed to garner the same level of appreciation as your Bluetooth cousin, or your big brother with his numpad. But we know you’ll be happy on the Daisy Hill Peripheral Farm, frolicking in the fields alongside the hockey-puck mice and GeoPort modems.

Verizon LTE blows through monthly data cap in 32 minutes (

So, Verizon went ahead and announced its 4G network launch, which apparently features very impressive network speeds. In fact, they’re so impressive that you could theoretically burn through the $50, 5GB monthly allotment in as little as 32 minutes (though, to be fair, real world usage takes a little longer). But, hey, nothing to be embarrassed about—it happens to all networks sometimes.

HTC defends HD7 handsets after antenna problems reported (Computer Weekly)

Speaking of embarrassing but not uncommon problems, HTC has spoken up to defend allegations that its HD7 running Windows Phone 7 suffers from signal loss when held at the bottom, saying that it’s an “inevitable” problem. Huh. Isn’t that interesting ? Really, though, I think Luke Skywalker put it best.

Rumor: Apple & Howard Stern to sign $600 million deal (The Mac Observer)

A Twitter account that claims to follow Sirius XM radio’s stock has posted a rumor that Howard Stern is due to flee Sirius and sign a deal with Apple to distribute his radio program via iTunes. This is either the most ridiculous rumor I’ve heard all day or…you know what, never mind: this is the most ridiculous rumor I’ve heard all day.

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