Camera+ 2.0 brings better effects, speed, design

As the prophecy foretold, Tap Tap Tap’s popular iPhone camera replacement Camera+ has returned to the App Store after a brief stunt-induced sabbatical. Ok fine, perhaps it wasn't so much of a “prophecy” as “an official announcement from the company.” Nitpicking aside, this is a huge update that brings over 50 new features, effects, and tweaks across the board.

New in Camera+ 2.0 are, of course, more effects, including Cyanotype, Tailfins, and Depth of Field for your inner tilt-shift photographer. Tap Tap Tap is also hopping on board the in-app purchase train as you can buy the first in a new series of add-on effects bundles, called “I Love Analog,” for $1. A new slider tool allows you to adjust the strength of an effect, performance has been boosted throughout the app, and they finally ditched that cumbersome SLR interface.

There are also a few new editing tools, as you can now flip and rotate photos, as well as copy them to the clipboard with or without effects applied. A new info panel displays a photo’s metadata, the effects you used, and a small map of where you shot it. Speaking of metadata and geolocation, that information is now included with photos when you save them from Camera+ to your device’s Camera Roll. Conversely, there are also new options to strip it all from photos if you so desire.

Other additions like new borders, tweaks to the Lightbox, and a preference to go straight to the camera on startup make this a major upgrade to what is still my favorite camera app. Camera+ 2.0 is available now on sale for $1, and it requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later.

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