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Train Conductor 2: USA: It’s clear that The Voxel Agents takes great pride in Train Conductor 2: USA, the sequel to Train Conductor. Train Conductor 2 has brand new areas modeled after four famous American cities and one landmark: Miami, New York, Nashville, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. All of the artwork is colorful and well-drawn, while each level is fleshed out really well by a catchy in-game soundtrack. The gameplay consists of using your touch-screen to direct trains on parallel tracks to their properly numbered (or color-coded) stations. By tracing a straight line from one track to another, the corresponding train will follow the new path automatically. Train Conductor 2 is an intuitive, fun, and addictive game no matter what iOS device you use.


LandFormer: The premise behind LandFormer is quaint enough—you play on a 5-by-5 isometric grid of platforms that can be raised or lowered by up to two steps in a variety of patterns. A level typically starts with the platforms in a particular configuration, and your job is to lower and raise them strategically until everything’s on the level. LandFormer may not have breathtaking 3-D graphics or Hollywood-style cinematic sequences, but it is one of those rare games that combine a simple and intuitive set of rules with a nearly infinite set of playable scenarios, making for an addictive and highly entertaining gaming experience.

Diner Dash: Grilling Green: In Diner Dash: Grilling Green for the iPad, you fill the well-worn shoes of Flo, the harried, hard-working waitress. Your job is to get customers seated, fed, and out the restaurant again as efficiently as possible; the happier you keep your customers, the more money you make, and the more you can upgrade your diner. While the previous editions of the Diner Dash series relied on lots of mouse clicks, you only need a series of finger taps to control Flo on Apple’s tablet—a much better fit for the game.

Action heroes

Whether it’s far-off battlefields, murderous aliens, or treacherous fruit, iPhone games pack in enough action for even the most demanding user.—Chris Holt

Brothers in Arms 2

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front: With Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, Gameloft adds to its impressive list of graphically superb iPhone games. In this WWII simulator, you use a virtual joystick and pop-up buttons to duck bullets, grenades, and metal fragments in fully immersive 3-D battlegrounds. To fight the enemy, the game takes advantage of the iPhone’s touch capabilities, allowing you to simply aim at an enemy with your finger. Though most games of this nature have a boilerplate story, BA2 backs up its impressive gameplay with a solid, enjoyable story for you to follow.

Predators: Based on the Robert Rodriguez film of the same name, Chillingo’s Predators mixes over-the-top violence with well-rounded gameplay. You take control of a predator creature working to kill as many humans as possible in each level. With a virtual joystick and two simple control buttons, you can perform gruesome finishing moves on your human foes. As you progress in the game, you will learn more skills and gain more weapons to fulfill your never-ending desires for carnage.

Fruit Ninja: Halfbrick Studios’ Fruit Ninja is a simple, slice-and-dice game enjoyable for all ages. You are a ninja. Your mission: use your finger as a samurai sword to slice any piece of well-rendered 3D fruit that comes across your iPhone screen. Be quick about it though, as the fruit will fall off the screen if you waste too much time before chopping it. The more fruit you chop, the more points you get. Though it may seem repetitive, the game’s simple gameplay will have you coming back for more.

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