Split Pea allows Web browsing, writing in one app

If you're trying to compose text on an iPad while referring to information on a Website, the back-and-forth dance between writing and Web-browsing apps can often be a real pain. Split Pea aims simplify the process by combining the browser and text editor into one split-screen app.

The app, created by developer Martin Gordon, contains a full Web browser and text editor, showcased in split-screen, enabling bloggers, writers, and researchers to write more efficiently when using the Web as a resource. Users can bookmark Web pages and link them to documents for reference, and the app works in both landscape and portrait modes.

Additionally, Split Pea's 1.3 update, released in mid-December, brings a full-screen "focus mode" to the program, isolating either the text document or the Web browser. The app also now supports writing in Markdown, e-mail export via HTML or plain text, document sharing to a user's desktop computer via iTunes' file sharing, and AirPrint.

Split Pea costs $4 and requires an iPad running iOS 4.2 or later.

At a Glance
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