Print PDFs directly to Dropbox

You probably know that you can turn any document on your screen into a PDF from OS X’s standard Print dialog. Hints reader everkleer80 wanted to find a way to integrate the Print dialog’s PDF-saving options with Dropbox. That way, he could easily “print” PDFs that would be available on all his computers, iOS devices, and other Dropbox-compatible gadgets.

To do so, go to File -> Print and click on the PDF button at the bottom. Choose Edit Menu at the bottom. Click the plus key (+), which will prompt you to select a folder. At this point, you can select your main Dropbox folder; alternatively, you could create a subfolder within Dropbox specifically for PDFs, then select that. Click OK and you're done.

Now, when you click on that PDF button in any Print dialog box, it will include your newly-added Dropbox folder. To customize the menu option’s name—which by default will just be the name of your selected folder—rename the alias to that folder that you'll find in youruserfolder/Library/PDF Services. (If you’re not running Snow Leopard, you’ll need to create that alias yourself, as described in this hint.)

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