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What light from yonder terminal breaks? 'Tis the white iPhone, and she is the sun. Also: Steve Jobs will remain on Disney's board, Angry Birds may be coming to a TV near you, and everyone stinks at predicting iPad sales. These are your remainders for Wednesday, January 19.

White iPhone 4 Appears in Best Buy Inventory System With February 27th Launch Date (MacRumors)

If you combine some of the world's greatest mysteries—Who Shot J.R., Where's Waldo, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit among them—you get a sense of the great aura of wonderment that surrounds the never-released white iPhone 4. According to MacRumors, the albino device—once thought to be as mythical as The Macalope riding a unicorn over a double rainbow—has supposedly shown up in Best Buy's internal inventory system, with a February 27 launch date. This close to Martin Luther King Day, though, shouldn't we all focus on the content of the iPhone's character?

Steve Jobs Expected To Stay On Disney's Board (NASDAQ)

Despite taking a medical leave of absence from Apple, Steve Jobs will remain on the board of Walt Disney. To which I reply: Duh! If you're going to take time off work, you might as well spend it at Disney, am I right?

Angry Birds Launches From iPad Game To Television Series (Spinoff Online)

The series—which in fact may end up as either a Web series or a television one—will be animated, which strikes me as a massive missed opportunity. Plots being considered so far include "the birds feel angry," "the birds still feel angry," and "the birds are feeling especially irate." I can't wait until the Very Special Episode where the birds and pigs learn important lessons about how to get along with one another.

Unforeseeable growth: Analyst failure on iPad as indicator of disruptive change (Asymco)

Nobody—not Macworld's own Jason Snell, not John "I Dare Fireballs" Gruber, and not the full-time analysts from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Piper Jaffray—correctly predicted how many iPads Apple would sell in 2010. The company sold just shy of 15 million iPads; even Gruber and Snell's predictions combined only totaled 11 million. The takeaway? Tech prognosticators should stick to predicting Angry Bird plot points.

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