Verizon to offer unlimited iPhone data plan for a limited time

Verizon on Tuesday added another bullet point to the list of reasons to switch from AT&T come February 10, when it finally joins AT&T and becomes the second iPhone carrier in the U.S.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon COO Lowell McAdam confirmed that it will offer its $30 unlimited data plan during the launch of the iPhone—but the plan's days are numbered. McAdam did not specify a cutoff date for offering the plan, but he reiterated statements the company made in June 2010 that Verizon will soon follow AT&T’s lead and drop unlimited data plans altogether in favor of a tiered pricing model.

Even though Verizon plans to eventually drop its unlimited data plans, their continued availability is good news, as iPhone owners are known to gobble much more data than users of competing devices. But a number of questions about Verizon’s data options for iPhone owners remain unanswered, such as whether a fee will be charged to use a Verizon iPhone as a mobile hotspot (a feature Verizon stated it will allow), or if data caps or pricing tiers would be enforced when the phone is used that way. A Verizon representative did not return Macworld’s request for comment.

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