Expo Notes: SumoBooth app gives you that fat wrestler look

If you ever had a burning desire to transform a friend or family member into a Sumo wrestler, the wait is over.

With MotionPortrait's SumoBooth: Talking Photo, simply snap a portrait of your loved (or hated) one to turn them into an interactive 3D Sumo character. Finger swipes let you feed this lovely visage to make it fatter, or to deliver a harite slap to your victim to view different facial expressions. It also creates a voice recording that facilitates speech playback in a sonorous Sumo voice.

MotionPortrait's technology automatically creates a 3D face model from a single image, which can then be animated in a variety of facial expressions with a variety of inputs, including finger swipes and taps on the iPhone or iPad. This technology also powers MotionPortrait's other iPhone and iPad apps, such as HauntedFace, AlienAvatar: 3D Alienizer, ZombieBooth 3D Zombifier, and more.

The interactive animation can be recorded as a video and shared via email, YouTube, or Facebook. Snapshots can also be saved and shared the same way, and also shared via Twitter.

The app, which runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is selling for 99 cents until January 31; thereafter it will cost $2.99.

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