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The great thing about the Internet is that there’s something for everyone. Maybe you like Macs. Maybe you like tea brewing apparatuses in the form of a penguin—we’re not here to judge. In the meantime, however, you can get the skinny on the creation of Apple’s legendary 1984 ad, hear a tech industry CEO rage at Steve Jobs, or watch as Microsoft drops cash like it’s hot. It’s a super-sized edition of remainders for Monday, January 31, 2011.

Apple changes its stance on water damage to iOS devices (9 to 5 Mac)

We’ve all heard horror stories about perfectly innocent folks who take their iPods or iPhones in to the Genius Bar, only to be rejected for coverage because the liquid contact indicator showed red. It appears Apple will now consider fixing devices with triggered liquid indicators, as long as there’s no other serious signs of water damage. So no need to hone your Lady Macbeth monologue.

‘1984’: As Good as It Gets (AdWeek)

Apple’s iconic 1984 ad has been called the most memorable TV commercial ever, and former Chiat/Day creative director Steve Hayden dishes on the behind-the-scenes drama of the spot in AdWeek. Among the surprises: the Apple board hated the ad, the heroine was originally supposed to throw a baseball bat, and director Ridley Scott desperately wanted to have her part played by a young Russell Crowe (in a blond wig, no doubt).

Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales Actually ‘Quite Small’ (Wall Street Journal)

Remember Samsung’s 7-inch “iPad killer,” the Galaxy Tab? Company executive Lee Young-hee revealed in a conference call late last week that the 2 million sales figure that Samsung had touted represented units shipped to retailers—not those sold to consumers, which was apparently “quite small.” Which I guess explains why my iPad is alive and well.

Closed Apple headed for trouble as Jobs’s ego bites: Netgear CEO (Syndey Morning Herald)

Netgear CEO Patrick Lo is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore. The executive ranted about Apple and Steve Jobs at a lunch in Syndey on Monday, describing the company’s platforms as “closed” and deriding the CEO for his ego. However, he also admits that sales of the company’s Wi-Fi range booster are taking off, thanks to people using their iPads in the bathroom, so I guess he’s got no problem biting the, er…hand that feeds him?

The Engadget Show Live! with Steve Wozniak (Engadget)

Steve Wozniak talking about the white iPhone 4? It’s like a perfect storm! If Woz is to be believed, it would seem that the rumors of light leakage problems are indeed at the root of the infamous shipping delays. If only Apple had decided to make a Flower Power iPhone 4 we wouldn’t be in this situation.

CHART OF THE DAY: Microsoft Incinerates ANOTHER $543 Million Online (Business Insider)

A million here, $543 million there, and pretty soon you’re talking about all the money Microsoft dropped in its online segment. Redmond is losing money hand over fist on the Internet, with $2.5 billion dropped in the last four quarters. I guess that Bing doesn’t come cheap.

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