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It’s Super Bowl weekend, and you know what that means: commercials, commercials, commercials. Verizon and AT&T are lobbing shells at each other via ads, while Motorola is prepping a familiar-looking spot for its Xoom tablet. Also, what do doctors and leopards have in common? Strangely enough, the iPad. The remainders for Friday, February 4, 2011 will return after these messages.

Answer (YouTube)

Sure, Verizon got a dig in at AT&T’s expense with its latest ad, but that doesn’t mean it gets the last laugh. AT&T has retaliated with a spot touting its iPhone’s ability to handle voice and data simultaneously, sending an important message to consumers that AT&T is the network for schlubby guys who forget their anniversaries. Gold.

The Xoom Super Bowl Ad: 1984 Meets 2011 (Gizmodo)

A brief taste of the Super Bowl spot for Motorola’s forthcoming Android-based Xoom tablet has definite hints of Apple’s classic 1984 commercial (look no further than the e-book the guy’s reading or what the mindless drones are wearing). Because imitation is the sincerest form of, uh, inspiration.

The Checkup - FDA approves iPhone, iPad app for docs (Washington Post)

Next time you head to the hospital, don’t be surprised if you see your doctor carrying an iPad. She’s not just playing Words with Friends—she’s looking inside your brain. Or the rest of your body, thanks to a newly FDA-approved app for viewing MRI, PET, and CT scan results. Word has it that the forthcoming iPad 2 can be rubbed on afflicted area to repair it with its magical healing aura.

How to get a job at Apple (Electricpig)

Looking to send your resume out to Cupertino? The Electricpig team has put together a host of tips to improve your chances, including what to study, how to dress for the interview, and tips about the company’s corporate culture. Meanwhile, the follow-up piece, “How not to get a job at Apple,” includes handy pointers like discussing your personal shrine to Steve Jobs, ending your sentences with “boom,” and wearing a homemade suit of brushed aluminum.

And Now, a Video of Jungle Cats Playing with an iPad (Gizmodo)

The folks at North Carolina’s Conservator Center loaded up their iPads with Hiccup’s Game for Cats iPad app and gave their resident big cats a chance to try and catch virtual mice. For heaven’s sake, people, these are proud, noble creatures! Shame on you.


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