Get Gmail alerts with gNotifier

The world of Gmail desktop notifiers got a little more crowded on Tuesday, with the debut of gNotifier.

The paid app is an offering from developer Raul Ignacio Verano. It might seem that Google itself has already covered this territory with its own five-year-old downloadable Gmail notifier, or its more recent application for Chrome browsers that provide mail and chat notifications. But gNotifier offers an advantage over the former system in that it can provide alerts for multiple Gmail accounts—Google’s own product allows only one account at a time. And unlike the Chrome-based system, gNotifier isn’t tied to a particular browser.

The app provides alerts for various Google services, letting users know when someone has shared or modified a Google Docs document, and offering reminders for events listed on their Google Calendar.

The gNotifier app is $5 and compatible with computers running Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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