Nomad Brush iPad paintbrush stylus released

For artists seeking a tool to interact with their iPad, foam- and silicon-nib styluses have been pretty much the only way to go. This week, however, the field widened with the introduction of the Nomad Brush, a capacitive stylus that resembles a paintbrush.

The Nomad Brush uses a mix of natural and conductive fibers that create a “skeuomorphic” painting effect when used with drawing apps on the iPad. The bristles register collectively as touch input, allowing simulated and fluid brush strokes.

While the 7.5-inch long, .25-inch diameter brush is purported to work with most any capacitive touchscreen, including the iPhone and iPod touch, it is being marketed primarily towards larger devices as an artistic tool. The Nomad Brush is currently only available in black, but creator Don Lee notes on the Website that both more colors and more sizes should be available soon.

The Nomad Brush is available from the company’s Website for $24. Check out the video below to see this unique stylus in action.

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