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The Daily app for the iPad has met with mixed reviews (Macworld gave it an overall thumbs down). However, there has been general agreement on one point: the app crashes a lot. This has nothing to do with the app’s political slant. Initial versions of the New York Times app were similarly plagued with frequent crashes. Apparently, Apple gives itself some latitude in enforcing its number one criterion in the App Store Review Guidelines: “Apps that crash will be rejected.”

Regardless, News Corp gets credit for quickly working to address the problem. An updated version of The Daily was released Wednesday. Among the cited improvements are “better performance and stability” and a “smoother opening experience.” Users have generally confirmed that the new version crashes less often and launches faster.

Your experience with the update, however, may depend upon whether or not you noticed the ALL CAPS statement at the start of The Daily’s list of What’s New in Version 1.0.2: “Please delete your current app before installing this update.” I assume this means delete the app from your iPad, not from iTunes on your Mac. To be clear: iTunes will install the updated version of The Daily whether you delete the older version first or not; this is an optional step.

Such advice is very unusual. While deleting an app is a commonly suggested troubleshooting fix, I can’t recall ever seeing this step listed in an iTunes Store description and recommended for a routine upgrade.

Why exactly is News Corp. making this recommendation? I queried The Daily’s tech support about this but have not yet received a reply. I am aware that updating an app on an iOS device does not necessarily replace all data associated with the app. That’s why, for example, you can update a game app without losing your prior high score data. It’s likely that some Daily-related file(s), not deleted as part of the update, remain a source of problems. Deleting the app prior to installing the new version would remove these files. In this regard, I have seen a couple of postings indicating that the launch time improves only after doing this.

A final observation: This is another example of a weakness in the procedure for updating iOS apps, as I have written about previously: The update list in iTunes on a Mac does not show “What’s New” information. Most users, I am sure, rarely take the extra step required to check it. Instead, they click the Download All Free Updates button and let ’er rip. In the case of The Daily, this means most users will never see the “delete the app” advice—and will therefore not take the presumably helpful advice. This is something Apple ought to address.

Twitter to Facebook not working? On an entirely different subject: I noticed today that the app that posts my Twitter feed on Facebook is not working. It says it’s “connected” but no Twitter posts have appeared on my Facebook page since Tuesday. Checking with my Twitter followers, at least a half dozen others have confirmed the same symptom. I have no idea yet as to the cause. Hopefully, it will eventually fix itself.

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