Lexmark, AccuWeather offer printer-based weather app

In a world drowning in information, weather forecasts might be among the most ubiquitous content out there. TV and radio stations offer frequent updates—particularly during drive time—and sites like Weather.com are easy enough to check on your computer or iPhone. But Lexmark and AccuWeather are betting there's one more place you need to check the seven-day outlook—the humble office printer.

The two companies on Monday announced the debut of their new SmartSolution weather app, which lets users check weather forecasts directly on the touchscreens of Web-connected Lexmark printers. Users can look for local reports, or enter zip codes for travel destinations, and—as seen in the video below—print the information directly.

In addition to business travelers, the service is being pitched at companies that provide weather-dependent service, such as landscaping, ski shops, and event-planning.

The AccuWeather SmartSolution weather app is free and available for Lexmark's Genesis, Platinum, Pinnacle, and Interact Mac-compatible inkjet printers.

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