Mozy testing online backup for iOS devices

Mozy will expand the scope of its online backup service to iOS users, the company said in plans outlined on its Website.

The company is developing mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms that will allow users of the Mozy online service to access backed-up files from their smartphones or tablets. Users will be able to view files as well as send them as e-mail attachments. In addition, the mobile app will present thumbnails of photos backed up to Mozy; users will be able to download the full, higher-resolution file to their mobile device.

Mozy says the iOS version of its app will work on any device running iOS 4 or later. You can sign up with Mozy to be notified when the iOS app becomes available.

In addition to announcing its mobile app plans, Mozy is looking for beta testers for a new feature that will synchronize files across all of a user’s computers. The Mozy Sync feature will put a single Mozy folder on each computer; any files placed in the folder are available and up-to-date between all computers running Mozy's sync service. The feature will give users access to their files, no matter what computer they’re using.

The beta is open to both Mac and Windows users of the MozyHome service. You can sign up via the company’s Website to participate in the Mozy Sync testing.

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