Slideshow: Enthusiastic crowds for iPad 2 launch

There were long lines outside of Apple Stores and other retailers across the US on Friday, as excited Apple fans waited to be the first wave of iPad 2 owners.

San Francisco Apple store

Apple stores opened the doors to iPad 2 customers at 5pm.

Photo: Stephanie Kent

Crowd control

Apple Store employees manage the mass of people outside of the San Francisco downtown store.

Photo: Stephanie Kent

Big plans for the iPad 2

Ahmed Elkady, 21, is a student. He had an iPad but sold it for Christmas, knowing that the iPad 2 was on the way. “I actually bought an Android tablet too, but I like the iPad because it’s smoother and has a more consistent UI. I’m most excited about the increased power and graphics capabilities. Games, e-reading, and graphics will be a lot smoother. I plan on using the iPad 2 mostly for e-reading, gaming, like when I’m bored on the train. And internet, of course.”

Photo: David Dahlquist

First in line in Boston

Bad weather didn’t prevent the Apple faithful from lining up at Boston’s Apple Store on Boylston St, including Angelos Nicolaou who was first in line.

Photo: Tom Spring


The queue in front of the 5th Ave Apple store was full, but paled in comparison to the line for the first iPad and the iPhone 4, both of which wrapped around the block. Here Apple employees hand out free water.

Photo: David Dahlquist

Camera test

Testing the iPad 2's .7-megapixel back camera outside of the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York.

Photo: David Dahlquist

Highest bidder

Hazem Sayed was at the front of the 5th Avenue Apple Store line. The iPhone App Developer paid a college student who had been waiting since Wednesday $900 for the spot. His main incentive was to promote his app, Ask Local, a geo-based communication app that has practical use for situations like line-waiting.

Photo: David Dahlquist

Pre-sale high five

Apple Store employees give people waiting in line high fives outside the Walnut Street Apple Store in Philadelphia.

Photo: Joel Mathis

Faces in a crowd

In line at the Walden Galleria in Buffalo New York were, from left to right, Omari Williams of Buffalo, Bill Denny of Hamilton, Canada, and Ryland Koopus of Buffalo. Omari hopes to buy a black Wi-Fi iPad 2, but doesn't know what size. Bill wants a black 64GB 3G, and Ryland a black 32GB Wi-Fi. Both Omari and Ryland are first-time iPad buyers.

Photo: Marco Tabini

Happy to hold an iPad 2

A customer poses with the display iPad inside the Boston Apple Store on Boylston Street.

Photo: Tom Spring

Tapping away

More customers inside the Boston Apple Store.

Photo: Tom Spring

Darkness falls

Outside of the Apple Store in Boston, the line stretched down the block even as the sun set.

Photo: Tom Spring

Unboxing the iPad

Back at Macworld headquarters, editors unboxed a fresh iPad.

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