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It's the day after Thursday, and tomorrow is Saturday. You know what that means: it's either time to watch ridiculous YouTube viral sensations, or read your remainders for Friday, March 18 2011.

AT&T aggressively moving against unauthorized tethering (TUAW)

Cheaters never win! Well, okay, if you were a cheater who violated AT&T’s policies by tethering your iPhone’s Internet connection—whether via jailbreaking or one of several short-lived, rogue apps—you did win, for a while. But the party’s over, freeloaders! On Friday, AT&T sent out notices informing renegade tetherers that they have just two options: pony up for a $45 tethering plan, or cease and desist the Internet sharing all together. (It's kind of a heads-we-win, tails-you-lose choice.) The solution for cheapskates like me, of course, is simple: never leave your home and its glorious Wi-Fi network.

Whoa! Your New iPad Will Stick To Your Fridge (Gizmodo)

You need just three ingredients: an iPad 2, a Smart Cover, and complete recklessness with your expensive gadgets. Mix, stick to refrigerator, and wonder what the heck the point is of affixing your iPad to the machine that keeps your milk cold.

How the iPhone, NFC and Mac App Store Will Enable Remote Computing [Exclusive] (Cult of Mac)

Cult of Mac claims that Apple is testing a way that your iPhone could use Near Field Communication (NFC) to turn anyone’s Mac into a mirror of your own. By authenticating you (via your iPhone), the Mac could show apps you’ve purchased from the Mac App Store, and potentially clone your home machine’s settings, too, while you’re there. Me, I’ll only be impressed if my “I [heart] Woz” wallpaper gets carried over, too.

Apple Under Fire For Approving ‘Gay Cure’ iPhone App From Exodus International (The Huffington Post)

Poor, poor App Store. We complain when Apple rejects apps (like, sniff, mine)—and we complain when the company approves apps, too. Exodus International, an iPhone app released in February, “is committed to encouraging, educating and equipping the Body of Christ to address the issue of homosexuality with grace and truth.” Translation: the app, like the ministry, aims to cure gayness. Truth Wins Out, a non-profit that fights anti-gay religious extremism, takes issue with that goal, and has launched an online petition calling on Apple to remove the app from the App Store. Personally, I’m still waiting for Apple to approve an app that’ll get rid of my seasonal allergies.

Product Remainders:

LogMeIn Ignition 2.0.264 - The new version of the $30 universal app for iOS devices adds the ability to save PC and Mac files directly on your iOS device for offline viewing, view files/folders with File Manager, create a local folder and filing system with the app itself, and more.

Carbonite Access 2.0.1 - The free iOS app for users of Carbonite’s online backup system adds an iPad-specific layout and thumbnails for pictures, sports improved navigation, and now lets you play music from within the app.

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