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Steve Jobs denied the demise of the iPod classic as recently as last fall, Apple may be thinking about bringing AirPlay to a big screen near you, and an iPhone 4 succeeds where Humpty Dumpty failed. Once upon a time, there were the remainders for Wednesday, March 23, 2011...

Steve Jobs: ‘No Plans’ to Discontinue iPod Classic (MacRumors)

I feel like it’s been a while since our last run-in with a Steve Jobs e-mail, so let’s summon up this, uh, classic from last fall where Steve tells a concerned customer that Apple has “no plans” to kill off the iPod classic. Frankly, I’ve always thought the inevitable death of the iPod classic would be less a case of pre-meditated murder and more a case of Steve Jobs hurling the product against the floor in a fit of pique when its hard drive grinds to a clicking, whirring halt.

Apple Is Said to Weigh Expanding AirPlay for Streaming Video on Devices (Bloomberg)

Make way, “Apple’s going to make an HDTV” shippers: there’s a new rumor in town. Bloomberg says the company is considering expanding the licensing of its AirPlay streaming technology to TV manufacturers. Cupertino already allows companies to build in support for audio streaming, but this way you’ll be able to watch video from your iOS device on your big screen, without the need for an Apple TV. And, let’s face it, it gives Apple another chance to stick it to Google.

Apple Advances the Antenna System for the Telephonic MacBook (Patently Apple)

An uncovered patent shows that Apple may build a crazy external antenna into MacBooks for 3G support. My gut says no—unless the antenna detaches and doubles as a stylus. In that case, my gut says hell no.

iPhone 4 survives 1,000 foot fall from airplane (TUAW)

Air Force Combat Controller Ronald Walker says his iPhone 4 fell out of his pocket while he was checking out parachute locations, and tumbled 1000 feet to the ground. However, when they found the iPhone 4 later (thanks to Find My iPhone), it was intact and totally unharmed. No doubt the next day he dropped it three feet onto the floor and it shattered into a million pieces. You know. For irony.

Senators Announce Blackberry Will Remove Apps That Help Drunk Drivers Evade Police (

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion is the first to agree to remove apps that let smartphone users circumvent police DUI checkpoints from its online marketplace. It does so at the behest of concerned U.S. senators who sent an open letter to smartphone makers RIM, Google, and Apple. Seriously, Google and Apple, you’re going to let the Canadians beat you to the punch here? Shame.

Apple removes “Gay Cure” app from iTunes (Edible Apple)

Speaking of removing apps, Apple has tossed a controversial “gay cure” app from the App Store. Among other protests, it had spawned an online petition that had garnered more than 150,000 signatures. So, for once, there’s not an app for that.

Product Remainders:

Google Latitude 2.1 - New in the free location-based social networking app are check-ins at popular locations, like restaurants, and improved battery use while in the background.

EarthDesk 5.7 - The latest update to the Mac app that shows a real-time dynamic map of the world on your desktop adds full 64-bit compatibility. Available from the company's Website or the Mac App Store for $25.

Fandango 4.3 - The free movie showtimes app for iOS devices now lets you send high-quality trailers to your Apple TV via AirPlay and sign into Fandango via Facebook. It also improves browsing for iPhone and iPod touch users and lets iPad users browse cast and crew info and rate and review movies.

Friends+ for Facebook & Twitter 1.6 - This update to the $1 multi-service social networking client for iPhone adds the ability to search for your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also now post photos to Facebook and comment on them.

Logo Design Studio Pro 2.1 - The vector illustration and drawing program for creating logos and graphics is now available on the Mac App Store for a limited time price of $40.

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