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In fall, will a young man’s fancy turn to thoughts of a new iPhone? Elsewhere, an Apple Store faces a terrible tragedy, and a rare collectible surfaces briefly before disappearing beneath the waves of the Internet. The remainders for Wednesday, April 20, 2011 clearly long for adventures on the high seas.

Apple to ship new iPhone in September: sources (Reuters)

That’s right, there are sources telling Reuters that the iPhone 5 will not debut until September. The phone will supposedly look like an iPhone 4, but feature a faster processor. You know what? Put me down for the underdog bet: I wager they’ll go straight to the iPhone 6. Nobody’s gonna see that coming.

Electronic device with graphical user interface (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)

The name may be vague, but the patent isn’t: It’s the iPhone 4, lock, stock, and gleaming glass-and-silver barrel. Credited with the design are such Apple bigwigs as Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive, as well as many others. Sadly absent from the list was former Apple mascot Johnny Appleseed, who angered Jobs and, as punishment, was sent to the spice mines of Kessel, never to be heard from again.

Sprinkler system flooding at Apple’s Greenwich, Conn., store forces closure (AppleInsider)

Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Women and children first! The Apple Store in Greenwich, Connecticut was flooded after the sprinkler was accidentally triggered by a cleaning crew. As a result, the building remains closed until it’s been given the all-clear from local authorities. Please keep the poor folks of Greenwich—and their inability to buy shiny new Apple equipment—in your thoughts.

Mac OS 7 logos turned into playing cards (TUAW)

Next time you’re dealing out a hand of Texas Hold ‘Em, impress your poker mates by going all-in on this deck of Mac OS 7-inspired playing cards—if you can find one. The limited-edition collectible was available only in Apple’s campus store circa 1997, but a copy surfaces on eBay every once in a while. Just remember: nothing beats a full home directory, folders over files.

Product News:

Socialcam 1.1 for iPhone - Version 1.1 of's video-sharing application for iPhone has an on/off option for video sharing, support for portrait and landscape, sharing options for Posterous and Tumblr, the ability to automatically save video to Dropbox, and more. Free.

WritePad for iPad 5 - The latest version of PhatWare's note-taking app for iPad has added the ability to synchronize documents with Evernote, as well as offering improved handwriting recognition, document statistics, and the ability to upload docs to Google Docs as PDF or text. $10.

Sparks - No Spoon Software's $8 Campfire client for iPad gains the ability to save documents to your iPad and fixes a bug related to uploading.

TextExpander 3.3 - Smile's venerable text-expansion utility adds AppleScript support, toolbar customization, the ability to use keypress macros within fill-in snippets, and more. $35. (Upgrade is free for customers who bought after November 1, 2009.)

Friendly for Facebook for iPad 3.5 - Version 3.5 of Oecoway's Facebook client for iPad adds a new profile picture editor, support for the iPad 2 camera, notifications for birthdays, a number of bug fixes, and more. Free.

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