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Is the white iPhone really thicker than the black iPhone? One publication attempts to satisfy our curiosity with the application of rigorous science. Elsewhere, Apple’s rumored cloud service may have a codename, and Cupertino wins round one of a patent dispute. The remainders for Monday, May 2, 2011 are innocent until proven guilty.

Apple’s White iPhone is not thicker than black version (Consumer Reports)

Not so fast, white-iPhone-thickness-gate! (Sorry, all the other good -gates were taken.) Consumer Reports has subjected the white and black iPhone 4 models to testing with a pair of high-precision calipers and says that the two models are the exact same thickness. However, other sources continue to disagree, leading some to believe that separate batches of the phones may differ. Apple has not, as of yet, heeded calls to produce the white iPhone 4’s long-form girth certificate.

New MobileMe replacement, codenamed “Castle,” can find your Mac (Ars Technica)

Another day, another rumor about Apple’s supposed cloud service/MobileMe replacement/unicorn-giveaway program. While speculation has swirled that the service will be dubbed “iCloud,” intrepid investigators digging through the Developer Preview of Mac OS X Lion have uncovered references to the codename “Castle.” The evidence suggests that Castle is poised to take over MobileMe’s functions, as well as adding additional abilities like Find My Mac. With this discovery, it’s clear that Apple’s online service has had the worst ratio of monikers-to-success of any product the company has ever produced.

ITC judge rules for Apple in fight with Elan (Yahoo Finance)

A judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission has decided that Apple did not infringe upon the Elan Microelectronics’s technology when building the touch interface used in its iOS devices. Perhaps most pleased by the ruling was MC Hammer, who earned another royalty check as Apple counsels departed from the courtroom blasting “U Can’t Touch This.”

Product News:

i.TV 3.0 - In version 3.0, the iOS television guide gets full universal support, a revamped interface, a Shows page, daily news feed, and integration with IMDB and Hulu. Free.

Packing Pro 6.0 - The iOS packing planning app by Quinn Genzel gets an interface overhaul and bug fixes; it also adds the ability to edit item details in the Master Catalog, clone a category, and link list categories to different categories. $3.

iWatermark 3.0 - Plum Amazing Software's iOS watermarking app has hit version 3.0, adding 67 new fonts (displayed in WYSIWYG format) and the ability to import a signature or drawn graphic with an iOS device's camera. $1.

TouchUp for iPad 1.2 - Version 1.2 of RogueSheep's image editor for the iPad adds several new features, including easier rotation of photos, the ability to change an effect on a layer while keeping the mask, easy mask duplication, and new crop ratios. There are also five new filters, improved Flickr integration for import and export, and AirPrint support. $10.

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