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The time, where does it go? It was only a year ago today, May 11, 2010, that we fired up the remainderizer for the first time, starting our journey of a thousand steps with nothing but a robot Steve Jobs and a dream. And here we are, 365 days later, still bringing you the best in cured, hickory-smoked links from around the Web.

A few quick statistics before we get on to our daily business. In the 261 weekdays of the last year, we’ve brought you 216 daily remainder pieces (including today’s), authored by four writers (David Chartier produced two, Jason Snell wrote six, Lex Friedman penned 18, and I’ve written, um, 190). Our most popular remainders pieces of all time? The September 3 edition of last year, Justin Long a Mac no longer, followed, interestingly enough, by the May 24, 2010 edition So long, Mac and PC. So, uh, I guess you guys really liked that Justin Long fellow, huh?

In any case, thanks for joining us for the past year, and stick with us, because there’s plenty more to come. Goodnight, everybody!

Huh…I feel like I’ve forgotten something.

Ah, yes! The music labels say they’re counting on Apple, because Apple’s never let them down (and they’ve always been at war with Eastasia), Cupertino’s the target of another location-data lawsuit (if only people couldn’t find the company so easily!), and Apple narrowly avoids becoming the target of a massive open-source manhunt (they were going to have a hard target search of every subversion repository in a radius of six miles). The remainders for Wednesday, May 11, 2011 are one year old today!

Music labels to Google: We’re counting on Apple (CNet)

Like Amazon—or, at least, one version of Amazon—Google didn’t seek licenses from the music industry before launching its Music Beta service. But because Apple is supposedly trying to work with the labels, its rumored forthcoming music locker service will apparently be able to do things unheard of by mere mortals. Like…uh…help me out, here, CNet? You’ve got nothing? Great. Thanks a bunch.

Apple faces another data location lawsuit (The Loop)

Sometimes one lawsuit just isn’t enough. Lymaris M. Rivera Diaz has filed suit in the United States District Court for the District Of Puerto Rico against not just Apple, but also music service Pandora and The Weather Channel, alleging that they all intercept personal data, such as location. How dare you, Weather Channel! Providing forecasts for my current location. For shame!

iOS 4.3.3 Source (Apple)

Apple has at long last released the open-source code contained in the latest version of iOS, 4.3.3. That should put to rest concerns that the company was attempting to get around open-source licensing restrictions. And here I was starting to picture Apple as Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. (The Tommy Lee Jones role being played, naturally, by Richard Stallman.)

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