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Macworld's collection of 100 things every Mac user should know is now available in Apple's iBookstore as a $0.99 e-book.

We all like to think we’re pretty savvy when it comes to using our Macs. In the case of the typical Macworld reader, that’s usually true. (You’re all unusually handsome and have wonderful singing voices too.) But there’s a funny thing we’ve noticed when we talk to Mac users, even the supposedly savvy ones: There’s often some essential information—basic things that would make their Mac use easier or more efficient—that they’ve either forgotten or never learned.

So we got some Macworld editors and contributors together and asked ourselves: What are the things that every Mac user should know how to do? We didn’t meant the really basic stuff—Command-C, Command-V, and so on—but the skills and knowledge that mark you as Mac-literate. And we came up with a list of 100 things that seemed to fit that bill. They range from customizing your Mac’s boot-up sequence to shutting down unresponsive apps. In between, they cover Finder navigation, launching apps, keyboard shortcuts, Spotlight, PDFs, user accounts, and much much more. (Our one rule: None of these things could require third-party tools; we’re talking only about stuff you can do with OS X itself.)

We turned those 100 things into the cover story for our April issue. But we realized that many readers might like to have a copy of the story that they could keep handy on their iPads or iPhones. So we turned it into an e-book that’s now downloadable from the Apple iBookstore. It costs a whopping 99 cents. That’s about a penny per thing. (Please note that currently you can only buy books from the iBookstore on your iOS device; if you open this link on a computer, it will just bring you to an overview of the book with no option to purchase it.)

You probably know many of these 100 things. But we’d bet you don’t know them all. If you can really, honestly say you knew them all, you’re savvier than any of us.

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