Weekly Wrap: Macworld's top stories for the week of May 29, 2011

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It feels like we kicked off our first-ever Weekly Wrap just a week ago, and that’s because it has been precisely that long. And we can imagine that—what with the Memorial Day holiday, and the catching up at work, and the alluring sunshine out your window—maybe you missed a few stories here on Macworld.com. Because every last word we publish here is nothing short of life-altering genius, we’re happy to help you catch up on the goods from the week gone by.

What Would Developers Conference?

Apple announced that Steve Jobs would indeed deliver WWDC’s keynote address, and even told us what Mr. Jobs would focus on: relaunching eWorld. Actually, the keynote will focus on unveiling Lion (the next iteration of the Mac OS), iOS 5, and something called iCloud. Since Apple hasn’t yet told us just what the heck iCloud is or does, we chose to guess instead. Chris Breen considered media in an iCloud, while I dreamed about the wonders iCloud might mean for syncing. If it turns out iCloud is a new iPhone game, we’re both going to look pretty daft.

Not content to speculate on iCloud, we also spilled some virtual ink on our ruminations about what iOS 5 might bring, and on a few Lion features we’d like to see. We also want to help you prep for our upcoming live-blog of the WWDC keynote, by ensuring you don’t hyperventilate in excitement at news that’s actually old hat; thus, we put together a primer on what we already know about Lion. Even Philip Michaels got into the iPhone speculation game. Really, the only WWDC prediction we didn’t shoot for was how Jobs would dress, which frankly strikes me as a missed opportunity. If you’re one of the few lucky folks attending WWDC, don’t forget to pick up Apple’s official app for the event.

Whatever surprises WWDC has in store, Apple apparently felt that iPhone/iPod touch-optimized versions of its iWork suite weren’t worth holding back on. Hot on the heels of releasing the now-universal versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, Apple broke down the nuances of importing documents onto your iOS devices. I, for one, won’t rest until I can update my spreadsheets using my iPod nano.

Malware in the world

The other big Apple release of the week was the artfully named Security Update 2011-03. This was the one aimed at sniffing out the Mac Defender Trojan horse, and the update also instituted daily checks for new malware definitions. If that’s not often enough, we also explained how you can force your Mac to update its malware definitions manually. If that still leaves you feeling vulnerable, we’re willing to consider renting out our own Dan Moren to run the check manually on your personal Mac each hour, if the price is right.

Say cheese!

For amateur photographers, we ran down the best point-and-shoot cameras with manual settings. We also shared ten cool ideas for Instagram users. And we shared Ben Long’s essay on whether a traveling photographer can survive with only a camera, an iPad, and a Hyperdrive—and no laptop. (Spoiler: Yes, but it would have been easier if Ben had brought along our own Dan Moren.)

The Tip Jar

We shared hints about using Quick Look in your print queue, along with a guide to sharing a hotel Internet connection. And if you have issues printing with Adobe CS5, we can help you with that, too.


We know how you love bundles, so we told you all about MacBundler 6, which contains 11 apps. And we know how you love a good Microsoft smackdown, but Macworld editorial director Jason Snell was actually even-measured in his analysis of Windows 8—and how Microsoft’s inability to be bold will keep it from competing with the iPad. On the plus side: Minesweeper!

We think you shouldn't worry about getting cancer from holding your iPhone. We think Remote Conductor is an excellent way to control your Mac via your iPhone. And we think that we might be overdoing the parallel sentence structure. But we're not sure.

Oh, and someone actually managed to dethrone Angry Birds for ten straight days. And you thought they were angry before.

That’s all, folks

We feel guilty writing these wrap-ups, since we’re just reinforcing that it’s okay to engage in activities besides keeping your eyeballs glued to our Website. And we definitely don’t want to give you that impression. But we’re happy to help you catch up on what you missed, and we’ll be equally happy to do so again next weekend… if the crick don’t rise.

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